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If zero or zero is zero (only in American roulette), the dealer wins. For this rule, casino unique advantages. Of course, players can bet zero.

You can take it for a long time until the gambler writes the magic word “No longer” (“Rien ne va plus”). Can not place a bet again. If we play roulette online, the fixtures do not accept any more bets at all.

The minimum bet is determined by the casino. For example, suppose you have at least $ 5 on the form, we can not distribute this $ 5, but you must bet at least $ 5 for each bet.

The number of bets is often not given a limit by each player.

The rules for online roulette are not against the rules for live casinos. However, there are hardly any different players who can interfere.


Roulette is the simplest gamble. This means that the dividend of the highest level of deduction, you must be very, most fortunate to provoke the game. Although roulette is the ultimate gamble, players can still use some clues to point their fate in the right direction.

American Roulette and European Roulette

An urgent reminder for beginners is that they prefer to play European roulette. In addition to zero, American wheels also have composites, a location that greatly adds to home advantage. Therefore, not a few professional players just concentrate playing in the European casino.


In paroli (a positive progressive betting system), when you win, you increase your bet. If we lose, we will minimize your bet. This is more intuitive for so many people, because you are so energetic to receive our lucky stimuli, and when roulette does not work well, we can minimize bets.

However, the Paroli system was very dangerous. You have to finish your magic strike before we get lucky – if not everything will be gone soon.


Contrary to Paroli, when you lose a double bet, the Parlay system (a forward bet system) pretends to increase with the winning rate if you win. In the long run, this is more advantageous because the advantage of this system is that it allows us to use lucky stocks. In addition, you will only lose profits when you lose. But in the Martingale system, you are not rarely risking all our bets and not just betting your wins.

If you want to try Parlay’s progressive gaming system, then there are a number of rules we should consider. First, place one in every of five different numbers. If we miss the whole number, explore again until you reduce one of them. This gives you a 30 chip dividend in this round. Add different chips to each number. If you’re in the middle, then your dividend is 60 chips, not classified as our profit 30 chips, which equals the total dividend of 90 chips. If we miss their number, we still have 20 chips. Add more not few chips until you never return, then return to your starting value for one chip per number. By using this system, we can reach high profits while keeping losses in a manageable framework.


Most roulette systems that are least used are the so-called negative progress betting systems. In this strategy, this is the question of returning the previous loss and the addition (twice) of the next bet. Statistically, 50% of the time must be won and lost. If we lose your chip after losing, we can melt all the losses if you win. So, if you win, we keep betting. If we lose, you multiply the original bet This system is naturally controversial in the roulette because there is no guarantee that the next color will be the winner’s color. This strategy also has losses because people get the most opportunities with this technique. Even if you win, you must create the biggest bet. Basically, it is advisable to dig the table where minimum minimum usage and maximum maximum usage. With this technique, if you want to use this strategy, you can play longer. D’Alembert The D’Alembert strategy collaborates with the Martingale system and is therefore a negative upgraded bet system, but bets are not multiplied or split in two, but are broken into units. In winning, bets are reduced by one unit in the next game. If we lose, add one unit in the next round. Continue to play


strategy until you make a profit for the amount we feel. Then you certainly got a profit in the game. However, this can take a long time. Therefore, it is not uncommon to start with much less bets.

Labouchere System

This system is called a missing system. The core of the system is: a sequence of numbers written by a player (can be a sequence number 1, 2, 3, 4, or sequence anything like 2, 1, 3, 2, 2, write a high success rate for a short sequence Number: Every time we place a bet, it must be the sum of the first and last numbers in the order we write, for example your serial number is 2, 1, 3, 2, 2, then you place 2 + 2 = 4, ie 4 chips If we win you need to add the number of bets from both sides of the serial number (in this affair, 2 + 2), and then select two new numbers before and after.Add number: 1 + 2 = 3 (set to 3) .If we lose, you need to add the number we bet on when the game to your last serial number.For example in our first example is 4 chips So our number will look la The ksana: 2,1,3,2,2,4. And the bet is again equal to the sum of the two numbers in the beginning and the end, now is 2 + 4 = 6 Plus System: If we can arrange to delete all the original numbers, you will be the winner. System losses: The system will not be effective if it is lost a number of times in a row, and your bet level will rise fastest, sometimes we will precede your original plan. Fund management Every player in the online casino knows that just not enough tuah. This is why their money management needs to have certain rules, which can help beginners to avoid not a few mistakes. So let’s see the rules. General rules for all players in casino games Every game in a casino game has a general rule that must be violated at the same time: rules can be long term (1 month or longer) and short term (1 game). Long term rules: 1. Pay attention to your needs (your mood and financial situation, hunger, fatigue, comfort, etc.). The outcome of this game can have the most influence on your position – if your current condition is not the best period, if you are nervous, you can not control your game or game is already your only chance of making money – this is not the best Period game. In this atmosphere, you will play the majority game according to our own emotions. Wangwang can not control the game. 2. Funds budgeted for gambling in one month should not exceed 10% of your income. You should be able to support this amount, and if it fails, it will not hurt too much. 3. A game bank must have at least 20 bets. In general, it should be 3 times better than expected. For example, if you were to win $ 20, your funds should be at least $ 60. 4. Be clear about your goals to win. Once you’ve reached it – you must finish the game. For example, the goal might be this – I want to win $ 150 this month. for ourselves – for a particular game, and its duration is one month. Keep monitoring of its implementation. 6. After each big win, you must lose the same amount as the original bet. For example, we start playing $ 100 and win $ 150. In this affair, it is recommended for a unique $ 100 – so you will solely play a winning money. Roulette game fund management rulesIn addition to the general rules of the game, there are special rules for roulette. 1. Roulette can be broken down into two types: • High interest rate – 5 to 1 ratio or more, 6 to 5 digit ratio 1, 3 bet ratio – 11 to 1 to 2 to 17 to 1, and bet a certain amount can win 35- 1. For that kind of ratio, you need big money or you need to play games for a long time. • Low interest rates – 2: 1. Here, the risk of losing all capital quickly is much lower. • Red Black; • Even / Number; • More / Fewer.2. Rate rules rise. If you are a risk lover, remember the rules – when you lose your game fund, we can boost interest rates after 1/43. Avoid using the Martingale system when playing roulette This bet system is appropriate for adventurous players. If you do not want to lose too little in a loop, then this system will not work for you. After all, for example, if you lose 20 chips, the next round should multiply your bet, which has 40 minimum bets, which is a big risk. But if you want a fast and risky game – then choose the best Martingale system for this game.

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