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How to play the lottery, slot machines, and various games in the casino

Generally, to ensure profit, the smaller the stakes, the more powerful the pump, the bigger the bet, the smaller the pumping. For a slot machine with a large amount of pumping and the best returns, the learning strategy has no practical significance at all.

lottery tickets, casino slot machines and so many gambling games, gambling is for a collection that is contrary to consumer and design, depending on the frequency of returns and games, in general, for minimum sweepstakes, slot machines, trailed by most casinos.

Treat the lottery strategy, the best skill is to never buy, the second option is to drain money to buy occasional opportunities that can not make thin, the worst is to drain money to make purchases of 500 million.

Strategies for treating gambling machines, and the second option is not the best technique to play, the worst is sometimes funny play, if you want to win big money on a gambling machine, and that’s the next bad, it’s lost on hundreds of thousands of hundred thousand machines gambling That’s why the adoption of gambling machine strategy.

During such gambling, there is a risk. Mathematics can tell you it could be a success or a failure, but it does not eliminate risk, gamblers do not bet on chances, but bets on time.

Casino gamblers win money, not only in a mathematical chance of winning but also winning in a gambling episode of gambling weakness, mental greedy gamblers winning, unyielding mental, psychological as well as luck.

The advantage of the rate of return is the greatest advantage and judgment in gambling. Speaking of the gambling ability of dividends the rate of return is nothing more than endless passive water.

As a successful gambler, you must know how to control your emotions. In a few cases, we are not just playing against casinos at gambling tables, but also against our own emotions and psychology.

punter success, politicians have a vision – to guide the overall rate of return, banker’s mind – there must be an income investment solely theoretical economist – know how to manage money and maximize the efficiency of capital investment Family patience – awaits the right rate of return, accuracy and strategy determination – come, shots will be shot.

The normal heart is the enemy of greed, all heroes are filled with beauty, and all the gamblers feel sad because of greed.

No gamblers ever lose money, no one wins.

Kahneman’s anticipation theory can help us create better decisions when we lose money and need to avoid the windy market, but when we hesitate.

Casino sellers often use their own movements and intonations to order and control all gamblers to bet, allowing all gamblers to create larger bets when they lose, because gamblers must know this, so as not to be subject to time.

Having the capacity to survive in a casino, executed without a dividend is not a bet, no bet no bet, no movement will not bet, look at “tolerance”, the dealer’s focus for a good time to survive in the past, when the last straw, no longer river One survives.

Confidence gambling comes from an accurate understanding of the rate of return, empirical can help you analyze, cooling emotions can help you make decisions, assume that is worth a bet when messy, times to wait until the rate of return is more than zero, you have to wait, Wait! Wait.

Safe and stable, do not just bet and master the rhythm of the bet.

The bet is odd, the rate of return is a positive bet, a positive rate of return, and the stakes are more embarrassing when it wins. Do not miss the three level opportunities.

To win money and leave the casino on time, you must know the technique of leaving the casino after losing money. Next time we come back, we will settle on the mountain, not the phobias do not burn the wood.

In the case of a winning streak, you must dare to raise, just as costly, when you shoot, you will shoot.

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