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    10 gambling and losing in Online Poker levels of victory

    Macau is a true casino. At more than 30 square kilometers of projectiles, there are more than a dozen large casinos. In the parking lot outside the terminal, customs and airport, the free bus operated by various casinos are waiting to send guests to the casino.

    Many tourists who come to Macau will spend some time visiting some of the iconic attractions in Macau, “Russell Bar” and “A-Ma Temple.” The rest of the time will go into the casino. In previous years, Macau opened gambling operations, except Lisboa, Wynn and casino tycoon local casino Stanley Ho other initial investment from US investment tycoon also opened a number of casinos in Macau, Venice Casino is one of them.

    The Venetian Casino is not just a hall full of imaginary desks, but a well designed resort hotel with restaurants, theaters, hotels and designer shops. The interior decor is also very luxurious, magnificent and the ceiling. Full of Western-style chandeliers. Many people enjoy the “natural scenery” in the hotel. On the top floor of this hotel building you can see blue skies and white clouds, a small bridge attic, a flowing river, an Italian seafaring boat sailing over the water, a Venetian city. Served in front of you, it is hard to believe that this is only one layer in the hotel building. A realistic “skyline” and “indoor river” work in the hands of skilled craftsmen. However, a gambler with no money losing on a gambling table may not have the mood to appreciate the scenery here.

    To gamble in the casino, you need to use a small plastic round card with the amount of money, which is the chip. Players must first convert banknotes into chips at checkout, Different casinos have different situations, The minimum face chip value ranges from tens of dollars to 200 yuan, and the maximum face value can reach 2 million yuan is astounding.

    In the Venetian hotel, the casino area is spread out on different floors, and the casino area has many entrances, giving people a sense of freedom in and out. Entering the casino area, you can see dozens of table games. Different game tables have different game content. Each table stands in front of one or two uniforms. The casino staff wearing black vests are called “dealers.” “.” At each table, there are some handheld chips, and the players who see the table are concentrated.Of course, there is not a small amount of soy sauce around the table.

    Before you go inside a Casino to play Poker or Baccarat or Whatever game you feel you mastered it, don’t forget to always think of these 10 rules by jaypoker the most trusted poker online services in Indonesia:

    1. Keep sober of alcohol, don’t drink and waste your money.
    2. Don’t bring your children or babies, it will distract you.
    3. Don’t play to impress someone, because it will blur your judgement call.
    4. Bring money that you don’t need it, means its not your important money. If you lose, you can still live as usual.
    5. Don’t play by your feeling, play by logic, statistic and analytic.
    6. Play in the table that have at least 3 players before you join, because it will strengthen your analytic because more card will be spread.
    7. Focus in one games in one night, don’t scattered your money in several games, it won’t make you focus.
    8. Wear your best suit to increase your confident level, if you win you can pick girls anytime after it 🙂
    9. Look in minimum of 3 rounds before you join the table, look at the other players, how the pattern, don’t play with professional player if you are a beginner.
    10. Last but not least, don’t play by emotion, know how to back down and stop. You are not a gambler but an Analytics.

    We hope you a good luck and good fortune. Keep Winning Guys.

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    10 The Story of the Gambler Who Successfully Beat the Casino

    Casinos are not infrequently known to have few tricks that do not allow any gambler to take a big win, but these 10 gamblers successfully beat the tricks and win against the tricks in the casino. They accept these constraints and return with large dividends until a number of them are not allowed into the casino or the online casino like the best and most trusted agen sbobet in Asia.

    10. Louis Colavecchio

    If all the other gamblers in this arrangement successfully beat the casino by entering their game, then Louis Colavecchio worked on a different approach. He did the business by duplicating casino slot coins and allegedly he won up to 6 billion Rupiah.

    What creates itself in contrast to the others is that Colavecchio successfully duplicates the coin slot with a level of similarity that is exactly the same, and it is said that the coin slot is really the same as the native in many aspects. This is the reason why the FBI, the Secret Service, and other authorities visited the location of the Colavecchio residence.

    To understand which coin slots come from Colavecchio, it takes weeks, and that happens after Colavecchio announces the secret of how this operation took place as a Colavecchio plea agreement for what he had done to the casino.

    9. Dominic LoRiggio

    “Man with Gold Hands” is the nickname for Dominic LoRiggio. Through his years of training, LoRiggio successfully created tips to control the results of the dice he threw.

    Dominic LoRiggio together with famous gambler and author Frank Scoblete, wrote that they had successfully defeated many casinos and won thousands of dollars in the many casinos they visited. Although this is not illegal, now the casino is watching over someone who can control their dice and will force the player to throw using a different technique.

    To this day not a few people have written this down very improbable and are just lies, but LoRiggio wrote that he could do it solely with simple mathematics. Can you do it?

    8. Dennis Nikrasch

    In casinos there are two types of gamblers, one is those who win against the dealer and the other is those who win against technology. Dennis Nikrasch is the youngest type and he proved it by winning 16 Million US Dollars or 193 Million Rupiah from slot machine games. Unfortunately, he won by working on fraud and must be responsible for the matter.

    Initially he bought his own slot machine and created an exclusive chip that could manipulate the machine. He and his gang then went to the casino where Nikrasch’s gang would block the surveillance camera while he would open the machine and enter the exclusive chip he had made. It was no surprise if the next round immediately created himself to find a big jackpot. Nikrasch’s cheating must have been realized by Casino, he was later arrested and repeatedly put in jail until he died in 2010.

    7. Hua Shi

    Gambling is always closely related to luck, even though in casinos this affair is still valid. This was shown by Hua Shi from Brooklyn, US, when he and his friends went to the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City and sat down to play a card game called mini-baccarat – a simple game where you bet to judge the house or player who won – they chasing that the deck of the card had not been shaken.

    The company that produces the deck of the card should shuffle the card before being delivered to the casino but there is a mistake and the deck of the card being delivered has not been shaken. 14 players belonging to Hua Shi from Brooklyn, saw this golden opportunity and won 1.5 million US Dollars or 18 billion Rupiah before the end the casino realized this matter and released the game.

    The funny thing is, the Golden Nugget demands all players even though this is their mistake and asks for the money back. The players belonged to it. Hua Shi demanded that the Golden Nugget go home for their harsh treatment and it was unknown how the end of these two lawsuits were, but what was known was that the amount of 558,900 US dollars or 6 billion Rupiah had been successfully disbursed and the rest were still being held.

    6. Joseph Jagger

    Joseph Jagger was an English engineer who had a passion for gambling, he believed that he could outperform casino roulette machines. He then employed 6 men to secretly record the results issued at the roulette table. After checking the records he chased there were a number of numbers that were not infrequently appearing compared to other numbers.

    Knowing the matter, Jagger showed his calculation by winning 60,000 pounds or over 1.1 billion rupiah in just three days. This was carried out in many Monte Carlo casinos, Monaco. With Jagger, Management Casino worked on cat and mouse chases until finally, Jagger concluded to stop while he held the money and never returned to Monte Carlo.

    5. Richard Marcus

    The story of how Richard Marcus defeated so many casinos was alluded to as the Biggest Cheating in the Casino World. At first he really wanted to become a professional gambler but failed and had to live under a bridge. Not desperate, he ended up getting activities on the other side, namely as a dealer. While he works as a dealer, the idea that will cause chaos in many casinos is in his mind.

    It’s simple but it’s already done, this trick of creating the name Marcus is known as an elite cheating gambler. Then what kind of cheating tricks do you do? One of these cheats was carried out at the roulette table, where he would risk 3 chips worth 5 dollars and once he won he would shout and work on other over-expressions. What the dealer doesn’t know is among the 3 chips, the very bottom is actually a chip worth $ 500 (around 6 million Rupiah). If Marcus wins then the chip will be shown to the dealer, if he loses he will pick up the chip and only pay $ 15. This cheating is present in more value that is a chip worth $ 5000 under 3 $ 100 chips.

    In the end it was alleged that he had won up to 5 Million US Dollars, equivalent to 60 Billion Rupiah, but was caught and punished according to the law. He then slammed the steering wheel and became a casino consultant, but claimed that he had other cheating tricks that could still be carried out in modern times.

    4. Anonymous

    This lucky man whose name is unknown is indicating that all sophisticated surveillance devices are not balanced with human intentions. This incident occurred at Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia, and resulted in losses of 33 million US Dollars, equivalent to 399 billion Rupiah.

    This was carried out by a compact team that struggled to commit fraud by using the casino’s own ‘eyes’. One team member will be in the hotel room and hack into the casino’s video camera. Meanwhile, other team members will become gamblers who risk large sums of money while other members announce each card held by other players. The gambler has never lost and found $ 33 Million in just 8 games.

    3. MIT Blackjack Team

    Have you watched 21 movies? Do we know that the film is according to the real story? That is why this victory story is probably a very famous story. Starting from a small club in the campus study room at The Massachusetts Institute of technology in the mid 90’s. A team is composed of a group of genius students who want to use statistical system calculations to outperform blackjack games. This proved successful and they defeated a number of casinos.

    Starting from borrowing money at the bank, they then immediately beat the many casinos in Las Vegas and each week they could win up to 400,000 US dollars or equivalent to 4.8 billion Rupiah.

    Their victory is based on the idea of ​​an extraordinary Card Counting and cooperation, in order to enter the team alone one must go through the most stringent tests and for hours to be drained to form a good collaboration. This MIT team, in the end, is known in many casinos to European casinos and after dealing with the law more than once, the original members of this team came out. Different students replace the original members but unfortunately they have been known and their ‘kingdom’ must end. It was reported that their total victory reached more than 5 million US Dollars, equivalent to 60 Billion Rupiah.

    2. Don Johnson

    Don Johnson as CEO of Heritage Development is a gambler who is experienced, and he understands that all games in the casino are not infrequently manipulated as soon as someone sets foot on their door. Even so, he successfully won almost US $ 6 million or 72 billion rupiahs in one night in Atlantic City, US. Not only that, the total winnings which summed up 3 casinos were around 15 million US dollars or 181 billion rupiahs, all of which was miraculously won just by blackjack.

    He can do this by noting that there is little evolution in Casino manipulation that contrasts with the general. At that time, Casino in Atlantic City was feeling a decline in income and they needed a gambler who was willing to bet big, therefore they facilitated the manipulation. Don Johnson, who was aware of this business, created the manipulation more easily, with a big bet. He succeeded in making himself and the casino really felt fair gambling, which could be 50-50. With intuition, numeracy skills and a little luck he continued to beat many casinos until he reached a total of 15 million US dollars in wins.

    It is no surprise if at the end of the name Don Johnson is known in many casinos and is not permitted to play at any Casino in America. This is the story behind “The Man Who Breaks Atlantic City.”

    1. Edward O. Thorp

    This man is known as the master when came to counting card (as in film 21). Not only because he managed to apply it to the real world, but he also made the system. Maybe this is because he himself served as a professor in mathematics and a Master’s degree in physics.

    He worked on this by working on millions of Blackjack simulations on the ancient computers of his time (the 60s), which were giant computers that were slower than today’s laptops. Based on the simulations, he finally succeeded in realizing the basic idea of ​​card counting or counting cards where he could submit himself dividends winning more than 1 to 5 percent from being ordinary. Thorp and his friend then went to many casinos each week and each week he could get up to 70,000 US Dollars or equivalent to 848 Million Rupiah if converted to current money.

    However the casino management struggled to say that Thorp did cheating they could not prove that business because at that time card counting was not yet known. Long story short, the casino did not allow Thorp to play again because of the big victory he continued to achieve. In 1962, Thorp then released a book entitled “Beat the Dealer” which immediately skyrocketed to become the best-selling book at that time and revealed the counting card system used by Thorp. Furthermore, Thorp applied his genius to the stock market and won the biggest dividends. This is the story of the story of Edward O. Thorp, the person whose name was included in the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

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    How to play the lottery, slot machines, and various games in the casino

    Generally, to ensure profit, the smaller the stakes, the more powerful the pump, the bigger the bet, the smaller the pumping. For a slot machine with a large amount of pumping and the best returns, the learning strategy has no practical significance at all.

    lottery tickets, casino slot machines and so many gambling games, gambling is for a collection that is contrary to consumer and design, depending on the frequency of returns and games, in general, for minimum sweepstakes, slot machines, trailed by most casinos.

    Treat the lottery strategy, the best skill is to never buy, the second option is to drain money to buy occasional opportunities that can not make thin, the worst is to drain money to make purchases of 500 million.

    Strategies for treating gambling machines, and the second option is not the best technique to play, the worst is sometimes funny play, if you want to win big money on a gambling machine, and that’s the next bad, it’s lost on hundreds of thousands of hundred thousand machines gambling That’s why the adoption of gambling machine strategy.

    During such gambling, there is a risk. Mathematics can tell you it could be a success or a failure, but it does not eliminate risk, gamblers do not bet on chances, but bets on time.

    Casino gamblers win money, not only in a mathematical chance of winning but also winning in a gambling episode of gambling weakness, mental greedy gamblers winning, unyielding mental, psychological as well as luck.

    The advantage of the rate of return is the greatest advantage and judgment in gambling. Speaking of the gambling ability of dividends the rate of return is nothing more than endless passive water.

    As a successful gambler, you must know how to control your emotions. In a few cases, we are not just playing against casinos at gambling tables, but also against our own emotions and psychology.

    punter success, politicians have a vision – to guide the overall rate of return, banker’s mind – there must be an income investment solely theoretical economist – know how to manage money and maximize the efficiency of capital investment Family patience – awaits the right rate of return, accuracy and strategy determination – come, shots will be shot.

    The normal heart is the enemy of greed, all heroes are filled with beauty, and all the gamblers feel sad because of greed.

    No gamblers ever lose money, no one wins.

    Kahneman’s anticipation theory can help us create better decisions when we lose money and need to avoid the windy market, but when we hesitate.

    Casino sellers often use their own movements and intonations to order and control all gamblers to bet, allowing all gamblers to create larger bets when they lose, because gamblers must know this, so as not to be subject to time.

    Having the capacity to survive in a casino, executed without a dividend is not a bet, no bet no bet, no movement will not bet, look at “tolerance”, the dealer’s focus for a good time to survive in the past, when the last straw, no longer river One survives.

    Confidence gambling comes from an accurate understanding of the rate of return, empirical can help you analyze, cooling emotions can help you make decisions, assume that is worth a bet when messy, times to wait until the rate of return is more than zero, you have to wait, Wait! Wait.

    Safe and stable, do not just bet and master the rhythm of the bet.

    The bet is odd, the rate of return is a positive bet, a positive rate of return, and the stakes are more embarrassing when it wins. Do not miss the three level opportunities.

    To win money and leave the casino on time, you must know the technique of leaving the casino after losing money. Next time we come back, we will settle on the mountain, not the phobias do not burn the wood.

    In the case of a winning streak, you must dare to raise, just as costly, when you shoot, you will shoot.

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    You must know what the roulette before you dare to play it bro

    More about playing techniques

    If zero or zero is zero (only in American roulette), the dealer wins. For this rule, casino unique advantages. Of course, players can bet zero.

    You can take it for a long time until the gambler writes the magic word “No longer” (“Rien ne va plus”). Can not place a bet again. If we play roulette online, the fixtures do not accept any more bets at all.

    The minimum bet is determined by the casino. For example, suppose you have at least $ 5 on the form, we can not distribute this $ 5, but you must bet at least $ 5 for each bet.

    The number of bets is often not given a limit by each player.

    The rules for online roulette are not against the rules for live casinos. However, there are hardly any different players who can interfere.


    Roulette is the simplest gamble. This means that the dividend of the highest level of deduction, you must be very, most fortunate to provoke the game. Although roulette is the ultimate gamble, players can still use some clues to point their fate in the right direction.

    American Roulette and European Roulette

    An urgent reminder for beginners is that they prefer to play European roulette. In addition to zero, American wheels also have composites, a location that greatly adds to home advantage. Therefore, not a few professional players just concentrate playing in the European casino.


    In paroli (a positive progressive betting system), when you win, you increase your bet. If we lose, we will minimize your bet. This is more intuitive for so many people, because you are so energetic to receive our lucky stimuli, and when roulette does not work well, we can minimize bets.

    However, the Paroli system was very dangerous. You have to finish your magic strike before we get lucky – if not everything will be gone soon.


    Contrary to Paroli, when you lose a double bet, the Parlay system (a forward bet system) pretends to increase with the winning rate if you win. In the long run, this is more advantageous because the advantage of this system is that it allows us to use lucky stocks. In addition, you will only lose profits when you lose. But in the Martingale system, you are not rarely risking all our bets and not just betting your wins.

    If you want to try Parlay’s progressive gaming system, then there are a number of rules we should consider. First, place one in every of five different numbers. If we miss the whole number, explore again until you reduce one of them. This gives you a 30 chip dividend in this round. Add different chips to each number. If you’re in the middle, then your dividend is 60 chips, not classified as our profit 30 chips, which equals the total dividend of 90 chips. If we miss their number, we still have 20 chips. Add more not few chips until you never return, then return to your starting value for one chip per number. By using this system, we can reach high profits while keeping losses in a manageable framework.


    Most roulette systems that are least used are the so-called negative progress betting systems. In this strategy, this is the question of returning the previous loss and the addition (twice) of the next bet. Statistically, 50% of the time must be won and lost. If we lose your chip after losing, we can melt all the losses if you win. So, if you win, we keep betting. If we lose, you multiply the original bet This system is naturally controversial in the roulette because there is no guarantee that the next color will be the winner’s color. This strategy also has losses because people get the most opportunities with this technique. Even if you win, you must create the biggest bet. Basically, it is advisable to dig the table where minimum minimum usage and maximum maximum usage. With this technique, if you want to use this strategy, you can play longer. D’Alembert The D’Alembert strategy collaborates with the Martingale system and is therefore a negative upgraded bet system, but bets are not multiplied or split in two, but are broken into units. In winning, bets are reduced by one unit in the next game. If we lose, add one unit in the next round. Continue to play


    strategy until you make a profit for the amount we feel. Then you certainly got a profit in the game. However, this can take a long time. Therefore, it is not uncommon to start with much less bets.

    Labouchere System

    This system is called a missing system. The core of the system is: a sequence of numbers written by a player (can be a sequence number 1, 2, 3, 4, or sequence anything like 2, 1, 3, 2, 2, write a high success rate for a short sequence Number: Every time we place a bet, it must be the sum of the first and last numbers in the order we write, for example your serial number is 2, 1, 3, 2, 2, then you place 2 + 2 = 4, ie 4 chips If we win you need to add the number of bets from both sides of the serial number (in this affair, 2 + 2), and then select two new numbers before and after.Add number: 1 + 2 = 3 (set to 3) .If we lose, you need to add the number we bet on when the game to your last serial number.For example in our first example is 4 chips So our number will look la The ksana: 2,1,3,2,2,4. And the bet is again equal to the sum of the two numbers in the beginning and the end, now is 2 + 4 = 6 Plus System: If we can arrange to delete all the original numbers, you will be the winner. System losses: The system will not be effective if it is lost a number of times in a row, and your bet level will rise fastest, sometimes we will precede your original plan. Fund management Every player in the online casino knows that just not enough tuah. This is why their money management needs to have certain rules, which can help beginners to avoid not a few mistakes. So let’s see the rules. General rules for all players in casino games Every game in a casino game has a general rule that must be violated at the same time: rules can be long term (1 month or longer) and short term (1 game). Long term rules: 1. Pay attention to your needs (your mood and financial situation, hunger, fatigue, comfort, etc.). The outcome of this game can have the most influence on your position – if your current condition is not the best period, if you are nervous, you can not control your game or game is already your only chance of making money – this is not the best Period game. In this atmosphere, you will play the majority game according to our own emotions. Wangwang can not control the game. 2. Funds budgeted for gambling in one month should not exceed 10% of your income. You should be able to support this amount, and if it fails, it will not hurt too much. 3. A game bank must have at least 20 bets. In general, it should be 3 times better than expected. For example, if you were to win $ 20, your funds should be at least $ 60. 4. Be clear about your goals to win. Once you’ve reached it – you must finish the game. For example, the goal might be this – I want to win $ 150 this month. for ourselves – for a particular game, and its duration is one month. Keep monitoring of its implementation. 6. After each big win, you must lose the same amount as the original bet. For example, we start playing $ 100 and win $ 150. In this affair, it is recommended for a unique $ 100 – so you will solely play a winning money. Roulette game fund management rulesIn addition to the general rules of the game, there are special rules for roulette. 1. Roulette can be broken down into two types: • High interest rate – 5 to 1 ratio or more, 6 to 5 digit ratio 1, 3 bet ratio – 11 to 1 to 2 to 17 to 1, and bet a certain amount can win 35- 1. For that kind of ratio, you need big money or you need to play games for a long time. • Low interest rates – 2: 1. Here, the risk of losing all capital quickly is much lower. • Red Black; • Even / Number; • More / Fewer.2. Rate rules rise. If you are a risk lover, remember the rules – when you lose your game fund, we can boost interest rates after 1/43. Avoid using the Martingale system when playing roulette This bet system is appropriate for adventurous players. If you do not want to lose too little in a loop, then this system will not work for you. After all, for example, if you lose 20 chips, the next round should multiply your bet, which has 40 minimum bets, which is a big risk. But if you want a fast and risky game – then choose the best Martingale system for this game.