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    A Touching Story in The History of Gambling

    Someone plays neatly and thoughtfully, someone is reckless and gambles, well, someone plays it to the point that it falls into the five most amazing and spectacular bets in the history of gambling. Interesting? Then read on.

    1. William William Bergstrom – a man with a suitcase

    The name Benny Binion is connected with the gambling revolution in Las Vegas. Previously, casinos preferred small bets, wanting to gradually hold each visitor’s money. Binion in his casino did it to the extent that the first player’s bet gave him a limit. You can bet $ 10,000 on our first hand in blackjack, but you are not allowed to boost this bet later. Desperate player William Lee Bergstrom, told by this story, is about to take advantage of this innovation.

    In the mid-1980s, Bergstrom came to Binion’s Casino Horseshoe. The money is in a heavy suitcase and $ 777,000, players plant all the amounts in the “Don’t Pass Path” field on the dice and win.

    Then Bergstrom returned to the casino and doubled the bet by $ 590 000, after a certain amount of time – $ 190,000, and, after another $ 90,000. It seemed like a lucky player, nothing could stop him.

    Once again, Bergstrom came to Binion Casino with a suitcase where 1,000,000 dollars lay. However, like what is not uncommon, the man turns around, and William loses all the amount.

    The end of this story is sad. After 3 months, William Lee Bergstrom committed suicide. He won a total of $ 647,000, but was clearly lost in life.

    2. The magical transformation of checking social protection

    This spectacular story took place in 1995 in Las Vegas. One person who is not fully successful receives a check at a social protection center equivalent to $ 400. On the night his wife drove him to the house, and the condition of his newly created homeless heart, like what we thought, was not the best. What should be done in Las Vegas, when our lives decline? Try to correct the situation at Treasure Island casino.

    When this man is accepted at a gambling location, the history is silent. It is only known that because of the “fragrance” it emits, there is no one who wants to sit beside it, fortunately, the card has no sense of smell. At the table with blackjack because the strategy is unusual or the luck is simple, the successful player changes the social protection check to 1 million dollars.

    It seems that the person caught tuah with his tail and the whole problem was immediately resolved. However, like many other casino visitors, players cannot stop. As a result, the person lost not only one million won, but also 400 dollars, with which he traveled the threshold of Treasure Island.

    3. Johnny Moss in an unusual role

    When familiar poker player Johnny Moss sits in the bar and hears among visitors telling people it’s not small that he has never lost a fight. Johnny acts as a real player, he starts accepting bets on what can deal with brags. Opportunities to win legendary poker players more than 15 to 1. However, the stakes are made, and Johnny attacks the opponent.

    The advantage is clearly not on Moss’s side. Famous poker players are outperformed and, instead of a 15-fold increase in rates, receiving a number of broken bones and free trips to the location stay sick.

    4. Ashley Revell entered all

    In 2004, a young man from England had the name Ashley Revell concluded to throw his property. He markets cars, TVs, bicycles, stereo systems, unique all the money from his bank savings and destroys the poker bankroll. As a result of this simple movement, he became the owner of 135,300 dollars.

    What should be done in large numbers when you are young and desperate? Of course, play in the casino. Ashley did it, putting all the money into one round of roulette. With a sinking heart, desperate players, friends, visitors and even the casino administration watching the ball spinning.

    Strangely, the brave level of British victory significantly multiplied his wealth.

    5. The greatest level of innovation

    Today, at betting companies, you can bet not only on sports, but also literally on any event, even the most extraordinary. From the election of a new president, to flight to Mars. These innovative rates are most popular among enthusiasts, however, professional bosses prefer to stay away from them, because it is not possible to get rich at the original level.

    However, perhaps in 1989 an unknown Welshman bet 30 pounds on the local betting office on a number of events which he believed would occur before the start of the new millennium. Here are a number of them:

    • “Neighbors” series will be broadcast on British TV – 5 to 1;
    • “Eastenders” series will continue to be broadcast on BBC – 5 to 1
    • U2 will continue to appear in teams – 3 to 1;
    • Singer Cliff Richards will be awarded the title – 4 versus 1;

    The total opportunity for all events is 6479 to 1, and victory seems unrealistic. However, a number of days before the start of 2000, lucky players from Wales went to the betting office to collect honestly winning £ 194,400. This is the largest payment for innovative rates in the history of betting.

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    5 Famous Casinos in Prague That You Cannot Missed It

    Even if you are not a gambler and never make a bet, you cannot refuse, if possible, to go to the casino as a tourist. Game houses are not merely roulette, elite maps and alcohol, it is part of history, an institution that processes millions of fortunes around thousands of years with different techniques. For one time the casino in Europe was recited in 1638 under the name ІІ Ridoto, then in 1765 – in France. Over time, similar institutions have begun in England, Italy and Germany.

    Atrium Hilton Casino

    An eight-story building with a glass ceiling where the Atrium casino lives. This will surprise not only the size of the recording, but also many different levels of play. Opened in 1991. This hotel is known as the hotel with the best and biggest game convenience in the city. Among all types of gambling entertainment, there are a number of types of poker, baccarat, American roulette, bones or blackjack. For service and safety we will not weaken, in this plan here the whole is thought to trivial matters. In the area there are bars and restaurants.

    Casino Ambassador

    One casino to work “from dusk to dawn” in 1992, is the Duta casino. It is located in the eponymous hotel in the center of Prague on Wenceslas Square. Quite a tantalizing offer will surprise visitors – this program is “for fun”, if perhaps for some time to play non-money and an extra proposition “Casino and lunch” or “Casino Night”, which allows you to have a snack, right on game website. Offering American Roulette, BlackJack, Pontoon, OasisPoker, slot machines.

    Casino Banco

    Banko Casino is located on the border of the Old and New cities. This place is ideal for gambling travelers, because Banco Casino does not comply with dress codes, which means you can go there in shorts and T-shirts, without expensive suits. This casino is located between very expensive roads in the Czech capital. Banco Casino also provide agen sbobet to play online sportsbook or casino. Game makers say English, they will state the rules, and if you are a beginner, they will show you playing techniques. On the first floor there is a slot machine, on the second floor there is a gambling table. Here we can strive for strength in roulette, blackjack, poker. The casino also offered us free drinks.

    Casino Card

    Poker fans will appreciate Card casino Prague, where the biggest poker event takes place. At the entrance check the passport, as well as the dress code. The casino is only open for adult players. In addition, without special permission, you cannot take portraits and collect video images in casinos. Photographing or recording videos without permission is a violation of casino domestic policies. You may be asked to leave the institution. Despite the difficult rules, the Card still captivates players from all over the world.

    Casino King

    This casino is not in Prague, but is most popular with people who do not like the eyes of big cities that are useless. At the 5-star Corinthia hotel in a small town on the border of the Czech Republic and Germany, King ’s Casino Prague is located. Starting in 2003, it has become familiar for hosting many poker series, such as Eureka Poker Tour, King’s Series and others. If you conclude to go to this casino for the first time, pick up a passport or driver’s license with you, it will be needed for recording and receiving the participant card.

    For a comfortable stay, you can stay at the hotel, restaurant, continental buffet and cafe with free tea and coffee. Your car will be safe in free parking. Need to be copied that there is a daily cash game with a limit of 1 to 10 euros.

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    10 The Story of the Gambler Who Successfully Beat the Casino

    Casinos are not infrequently known to have few tricks that do not allow any gambler to take a big win, but these 10 gamblers successfully beat the tricks and win against the tricks in the casino. They accept these constraints and return with large dividends until a number of them are not allowed into the casino or the online casino like the best and most trusted agen sbobet in Asia.

    10. Louis Colavecchio

    If all the other gamblers in this arrangement successfully beat the casino by entering their game, then Louis Colavecchio worked on a different approach. He did the business by duplicating casino slot coins and allegedly he won up to 6 billion Rupiah.

    What creates itself in contrast to the others is that Colavecchio successfully duplicates the coin slot with a level of similarity that is exactly the same, and it is said that the coin slot is really the same as the native in many aspects. This is the reason why the FBI, the Secret Service, and other authorities visited the location of the Colavecchio residence.

    To understand which coin slots come from Colavecchio, it takes weeks, and that happens after Colavecchio announces the secret of how this operation took place as a Colavecchio plea agreement for what he had done to the casino.

    9. Dominic LoRiggio

    “Man with Gold Hands” is the nickname for Dominic LoRiggio. Through his years of training, LoRiggio successfully created tips to control the results of the dice he threw.

    Dominic LoRiggio together with famous gambler and author Frank Scoblete, wrote that they had successfully defeated many casinos and won thousands of dollars in the many casinos they visited. Although this is not illegal, now the casino is watching over someone who can control their dice and will force the player to throw using a different technique.

    To this day not a few people have written this down very improbable and are just lies, but LoRiggio wrote that he could do it solely with simple mathematics. Can you do it?

    8. Dennis Nikrasch

    In casinos there are two types of gamblers, one is those who win against the dealer and the other is those who win against technology. Dennis Nikrasch is the youngest type and he proved it by winning 16 Million US Dollars or 193 Million Rupiah from slot machine games. Unfortunately, he won by working on fraud and must be responsible for the matter.

    Initially he bought his own slot machine and created an exclusive chip that could manipulate the machine. He and his gang then went to the casino where Nikrasch’s gang would block the surveillance camera while he would open the machine and enter the exclusive chip he had made. It was no surprise if the next round immediately created himself to find a big jackpot. Nikrasch’s cheating must have been realized by Casino, he was later arrested and repeatedly put in jail until he died in 2010.

    7. Hua Shi

    Gambling is always closely related to luck, even though in casinos this affair is still valid. This was shown by Hua Shi from Brooklyn, US, when he and his friends went to the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City and sat down to play a card game called mini-baccarat – a simple game where you bet to judge the house or player who won – they chasing that the deck of the card had not been shaken.

    The company that produces the deck of the card should shuffle the card before being delivered to the casino but there is a mistake and the deck of the card being delivered has not been shaken. 14 players belonging to Hua Shi from Brooklyn, saw this golden opportunity and won 1.5 million US Dollars or 18 billion Rupiah before the end the casino realized this matter and released the game.

    The funny thing is, the Golden Nugget demands all players even though this is their mistake and asks for the money back. The players belonged to it. Hua Shi demanded that the Golden Nugget go home for their harsh treatment and it was unknown how the end of these two lawsuits were, but what was known was that the amount of 558,900 US dollars or 6 billion Rupiah had been successfully disbursed and the rest were still being held.

    6. Joseph Jagger

    Joseph Jagger was an English engineer who had a passion for gambling, he believed that he could outperform casino roulette machines. He then employed 6 men to secretly record the results issued at the roulette table. After checking the records he chased there were a number of numbers that were not infrequently appearing compared to other numbers.

    Knowing the matter, Jagger showed his calculation by winning 60,000 pounds or over 1.1 billion rupiah in just three days. This was carried out in many Monte Carlo casinos, Monaco. With Jagger, Management Casino worked on cat and mouse chases until finally, Jagger concluded to stop while he held the money and never returned to Monte Carlo.

    5. Richard Marcus

    The story of how Richard Marcus defeated so many casinos was alluded to as the Biggest Cheating in the Casino World. At first he really wanted to become a professional gambler but failed and had to live under a bridge. Not desperate, he ended up getting activities on the other side, namely as a dealer. While he works as a dealer, the idea that will cause chaos in many casinos is in his mind.

    It’s simple but it’s already done, this trick of creating the name Marcus is known as an elite cheating gambler. Then what kind of cheating tricks do you do? One of these cheats was carried out at the roulette table, where he would risk 3 chips worth 5 dollars and once he won he would shout and work on other over-expressions. What the dealer doesn’t know is among the 3 chips, the very bottom is actually a chip worth $ 500 (around 6 million Rupiah). If Marcus wins then the chip will be shown to the dealer, if he loses he will pick up the chip and only pay $ 15. This cheating is present in more value that is a chip worth $ 5000 under 3 $ 100 chips.

    In the end it was alleged that he had won up to 5 Million US Dollars, equivalent to 60 Billion Rupiah, but was caught and punished according to the law. He then slammed the steering wheel and became a casino consultant, but claimed that he had other cheating tricks that could still be carried out in modern times.

    4. Anonymous

    This lucky man whose name is unknown is indicating that all sophisticated surveillance devices are not balanced with human intentions. This incident occurred at Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia, and resulted in losses of 33 million US Dollars, equivalent to 399 billion Rupiah.

    This was carried out by a compact team that struggled to commit fraud by using the casino’s own ‘eyes’. One team member will be in the hotel room and hack into the casino’s video camera. Meanwhile, other team members will become gamblers who risk large sums of money while other members announce each card held by other players. The gambler has never lost and found $ 33 Million in just 8 games.

    3. MIT Blackjack Team

    Have you watched 21 movies? Do we know that the film is according to the real story? That is why this victory story is probably a very famous story. Starting from a small club in the campus study room at The Massachusetts Institute of technology in the mid 90’s. A team is composed of a group of genius students who want to use statistical system calculations to outperform blackjack games. This proved successful and they defeated a number of casinos.

    Starting from borrowing money at the bank, they then immediately beat the many casinos in Las Vegas and each week they could win up to 400,000 US dollars or equivalent to 4.8 billion Rupiah.

    Their victory is based on the idea of ​​an extraordinary Card Counting and cooperation, in order to enter the team alone one must go through the most stringent tests and for hours to be drained to form a good collaboration. This MIT team, in the end, is known in many casinos to European casinos and after dealing with the law more than once, the original members of this team came out. Different students replace the original members but unfortunately they have been known and their ‘kingdom’ must end. It was reported that their total victory reached more than 5 million US Dollars, equivalent to 60 Billion Rupiah.

    2. Don Johnson

    Don Johnson as CEO of Heritage Development is a gambler who is experienced, and he understands that all games in the casino are not infrequently manipulated as soon as someone sets foot on their door. Even so, he successfully won almost US $ 6 million or 72 billion rupiahs in one night in Atlantic City, US. Not only that, the total winnings which summed up 3 casinos were around 15 million US dollars or 181 billion rupiahs, all of which was miraculously won just by blackjack.

    He can do this by noting that there is little evolution in Casino manipulation that contrasts with the general. At that time, Casino in Atlantic City was feeling a decline in income and they needed a gambler who was willing to bet big, therefore they facilitated the manipulation. Don Johnson, who was aware of this business, created the manipulation more easily, with a big bet. He succeeded in making himself and the casino really felt fair gambling, which could be 50-50. With intuition, numeracy skills and a little luck he continued to beat many casinos until he reached a total of 15 million US dollars in wins.

    It is no surprise if at the end of the name Don Johnson is known in many casinos and is not permitted to play at any Casino in America. This is the story behind “The Man Who Breaks Atlantic City.”

    1. Edward O. Thorp

    This man is known as the master when came to counting card (as in film 21). Not only because he managed to apply it to the real world, but he also made the system. Maybe this is because he himself served as a professor in mathematics and a Master’s degree in physics.

    He worked on this by working on millions of Blackjack simulations on the ancient computers of his time (the 60s), which were giant computers that were slower than today’s laptops. Based on the simulations, he finally succeeded in realizing the basic idea of ​​card counting or counting cards where he could submit himself dividends winning more than 1 to 5 percent from being ordinary. Thorp and his friend then went to many casinos each week and each week he could get up to 70,000 US Dollars or equivalent to 848 Million Rupiah if converted to current money.

    However the casino management struggled to say that Thorp did cheating they could not prove that business because at that time card counting was not yet known. Long story short, the casino did not allow Thorp to play again because of the big victory he continued to achieve. In 1962, Thorp then released a book entitled “Beat the Dealer” which immediately skyrocketed to become the best-selling book at that time and revealed the counting card system used by Thorp. Furthermore, Thorp applied his genius to the stock market and won the biggest dividends. This is the story of the story of Edward O. Thorp, the person whose name was included in the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

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    How to play the lottery, slot machines, and various games in the casino

    Generally, to ensure profit, the smaller the stakes, the more powerful the pump, the bigger the bet, the smaller the pumping. For a slot machine with a large amount of pumping and the best returns, the learning strategy has no practical significance at all.

    lottery tickets, casino slot machines and so many gambling games, gambling is for a collection that is contrary to consumer and design, depending on the frequency of returns and games, in general, for minimum sweepstakes, slot machines, trailed by most casinos.

    Treat the lottery strategy, the best skill is to never buy, the second option is to drain money to buy occasional opportunities that can not make thin, the worst is to drain money to make purchases of 500 million.

    Strategies for treating gambling machines, and the second option is not the best technique to play, the worst is sometimes funny play, if you want to win big money on a gambling machine, and that’s the next bad, it’s lost on hundreds of thousands of hundred thousand machines gambling That’s why the adoption of gambling machine strategy.

    During such gambling, there is a risk. Mathematics can tell you it could be a success or a failure, but it does not eliminate risk, gamblers do not bet on chances, but bets on time.

    Casino gamblers win money, not only in a mathematical chance of winning but also winning in a gambling episode of gambling weakness, mental greedy gamblers winning, unyielding mental, psychological as well as luck.

    The advantage of the rate of return is the greatest advantage and judgment in gambling. Speaking of the gambling ability of dividends the rate of return is nothing more than endless passive water.

    As a successful gambler, you must know how to control your emotions. In a few cases, we are not just playing against casinos at gambling tables, but also against our own emotions and psychology.

    punter success, politicians have a vision – to guide the overall rate of return, banker’s mind – there must be an income investment solely theoretical economist – know how to manage money and maximize the efficiency of capital investment Family patience – awaits the right rate of return, accuracy and strategy determination – come, shots will be shot.

    The normal heart is the enemy of greed, all heroes are filled with beauty, and all the gamblers feel sad because of greed.

    No gamblers ever lose money, no one wins.

    Kahneman’s anticipation theory can help us create better decisions when we lose money and need to avoid the windy market, but when we hesitate.

    Casino sellers often use their own movements and intonations to order and control all gamblers to bet, allowing all gamblers to create larger bets when they lose, because gamblers must know this, so as not to be subject to time.

    Having the capacity to survive in a casino, executed without a dividend is not a bet, no bet no bet, no movement will not bet, look at “tolerance”, the dealer’s focus for a good time to survive in the past, when the last straw, no longer river One survives.

    Confidence gambling comes from an accurate understanding of the rate of return, empirical can help you analyze, cooling emotions can help you make decisions, assume that is worth a bet when messy, times to wait until the rate of return is more than zero, you have to wait, Wait! Wait.

    Safe and stable, do not just bet and master the rhythm of the bet.

    The bet is odd, the rate of return is a positive bet, a positive rate of return, and the stakes are more embarrassing when it wins. Do not miss the three level opportunities.

    To win money and leave the casino on time, you must know the technique of leaving the casino after losing money. Next time we come back, we will settle on the mountain, not the phobias do not burn the wood.

    In the case of a winning streak, you must dare to raise, just as costly, when you shoot, you will shoot.

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    Game Casino information and explanation of the game

    Casino games – so many popular games

    There are so not a few options contrary to playing online casino games. It is best to familiarize yourself with the many games and rules of the game before starting the game and placing a bet. With this technique, players can best reduce the mistakes created by beginners. At casinos we can pursue very popular casino games, classified as baccarat, Citigroup, roulette, blackjack, and various poker formats.

    Experimenting with baccarat, scorpions, and blackjack

    Baccarat is one of the easier casino games. People are not often recommended for players who step on the casino, because when it comes to profit, casinos have a slight advantage. Citigroup is a dice game that is perceived to be designed for those with little experience and true gamblers. Before all players know the rules and techniques, Citigroup is also a veteran as a confusing and complicated game, some people say that Citi does not need to learn all the time to become proficient.

    Roulette classic casino game

    Roulette may be a very famous casino game. When we think of casinos, people do not often think about them. The game consists of a wheel, a black box and a red numbered (0 – green grid), and a spinning ball on the wheel. If we have not played roulette before, you must realize that there are two versions of the opposite roulette – American Roulette and European Roulette. The difference is that the American Roulette Total is thirty-eight digits, from zero 1-36 and two green boxes (0) and double zero (00), and the European Roulette has only one green square zero. Therefore, the chances of winning the European Roulette are on the rise! In addition, Blackjack is a popular card game whether it is online or in the field. The player’s opponent is a dealer in the casino, and the goal is to find a card higher than the dealer but not enough of 21 points.

    Different poker games

    When it comes to poker, the majority of casino sites have so many different types of poker for players to choose from. What is very popular is Texas Hold’em, this poker itself comes in so many versions, like a Fixed Limit, No Limits, and Pot Limits. Other poker types, like Omaha and Stud, are also popular. Texas Hold’em is a poker that is perceived to be easier to learn than the complex Omaha, so all beginners must first know Texas Hold’em before they land in Omaha. Because of the poker play, players must be vigilant and listen to their actions. Luck and ability are just some of the elements that have won the poker game. The most important thing is that players learn the technique of seeing the opponent and using their shortcomings, while the players must cover their shortcomings. If you want to know more than a few rules, it’s good to make a purchase something that can be explained clearly and simply. But if you do not want to spend money on those books, you can find techniques and suggestions on not a few casino websites.

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    Heidi is insane “Bao wins and loses” is actually about to play all the way to the Macau casino

    Heidi (Shi is not much confused) is obstructing temperament for life, lean body, sweet face propagated with long hair, Heidi 25-year old has long been a major producer want to use SG, the work of this exhibition then finished, often like watching movies, , Heidi reveals that he is an electrically funny individual girl, “What kind of hands are my whole journey playing, girls are not good RPGs or need fast speed hands, I have very little at home.” since contact to yahoo! Xtra after the Y5 platform game, Heidi writes he’s driving a Wanbian game, and now a very addictive platform is in “betting on” the level of his insane close associates will be shocked too!

    From the introduction of “Bo wins and loses”, Heidi is determined to play in the Macau casino

    In the introduction of a colleague started playing “bet on,” Heidi laughed the gamer pursuing that he never played a hand type travel game, but could not assume this was a test for the customer, the tablet phone leaves the body each day, “I now play every day unity with, if they win, they will feel very good today, the mood would be good for one day, when going to Macau casino to play, because they can not know the rules of the game, can only stay with friends before, “Heidi said next look, but “bet on” there baccarat, blackjack, fruit machine, etc., easy to understand rules, “can learn to swim one hand, then you can advance Macau casino it!”

    “Bet on” there is no sub-game level, but in the past when everyone had 200,000 gold coins bet, there are bonuses appearing every day in exchange for online, if accumulated about 300 minutes online, will hand over about $ 900 gold coins, “so I will plant have been playing there, until the gold received so far, and each wins a fair amount of gold coins can process the lottery, the lottery can process things! “Heidi picked up the hands of journalists energetically introduced, unable to see that he is Strong man bets!

    To receive an online gift, Heidi will open the phone anytime! Heidi Shi Xiaoyu provides

    Heidi’s first contact with the mobile game type game was pretty exciting. Heidi Shi Xiaoyu provides

    There are a total of 6 games to choose from “Bao Win”, and the gameplay is easy to understand. Heidi Shi Xiaoyu provides

    Heidi powerful and gamble with friends, “Bon Win” to eat “free money”

    In “Bao Win”, Heidi’s favorite challenge is “Crazy Bird”. “In fact, he does not like games, but he tests speed.” The trick for all people is to use the phone to play with ease, when the computer is playing because the mouse is not strong it makes me mad. “Most of them play mobile games around the journey. Heidi said that once, because it’s too energetic to play with friends on high-speed rails, passengers are different blind. “Because I play” Crazy Bird “with headphones, I do not know how much I laughed a bit.The former man turned and said, “Miss, we’re laughing too hard.” Really super! ”

    As a result, all friends near Heidi also fell, because not only gambling games, but also games outside the game. “We started the game later, the losers really want to drink, at dinner, we’re still playing.” Two very lost people have to eat! “

    From the element in the game out of the game, Heidi will use “Bet Bet” to gamble with friends. Heidi Shi Xiaoyu provides

    “When all the people play the game, whisper, it should not be like me, super!” Heidi Shi Xiaoyu provides

    Heidi will first play with the computer to add strength, and then connect with colleagues and friends. Heidi Shi Xiaoyu provides

    To play the game, the phone is processed into flight mode, Heidi lost all day.

    It’s common to have a mobile game on the MRT, but Heidi laughs and writes that it’s not uncommon for her to sit and advance three times on the same line! “I’m not going to accidentally sit in the station and watch again when I do not listen and miss it! I feel the most annoyed, but I can not help myself to bow my head.”

    In addition, Heidi does not like to be disturbed while playing games, so she often switches her phone into “flying mode”, but solely at night she pursues that her cell phone is forgotten. “I often do not care about people chasing people all day long, each time, flight mode has come back, and messages that have never been read are hundreds.Happily, my friends are most tolerant to me! “For Heidi, playing mobile games can not only pass the time, but also enhance feelings with friends.Many mobile games can learn the knowledge, pursue a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, and love to play RPG-type mobile games, Heidi. trying to see the rhythm and musical reasoning recently. “The type of room escape is loaded with me. I want to study it in this location. Let’s see what amazing things I am going to do! “Heidi used to play games and accidentally disappeared all day! Heidi Shi Xiaoyu provides Friends who like Heidi can tailor the enthusiast page to follow Heidi Shi Xiaoyu