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    A Touching Story in The History of Gambling

    Someone plays neatly and thoughtfully, someone is reckless and gambles, well, someone plays it to the point that it falls into the five most amazing and spectacular bets in the history of gambling. Interesting? Then read on.

    1. William William Bergstrom – a man with a suitcase

    The name Benny Binion is connected with the gambling revolution in Las Vegas. Previously, casinos preferred small bets, wanting to gradually hold each visitor’s money. Binion in his casino did it to the extent that the first player’s bet gave him a limit. You can bet $ 10,000 on our first hand in blackjack, but you are not allowed to boost this bet later. Desperate player William Lee Bergstrom, told by this story, is about to take advantage of this innovation.

    In the mid-1980s, Bergstrom came to Binion’s Casino Horseshoe. The money is in a heavy suitcase and $ 777,000, players plant all the amounts in the “Don’t Pass Path” field on the dice and win.

    Then Bergstrom returned to the casino and doubled the bet by $ 590 000, after a certain amount of time – $ 190,000, and, after another $ 90,000. It seemed like a lucky player, nothing could stop him.

    Once again, Bergstrom came to Binion Casino with a suitcase where 1,000,000 dollars lay. However, like what is not uncommon, the man turns around, and William loses all the amount.

    The end of this story is sad. After 3 months, William Lee Bergstrom committed suicide. He won a total of $ 647,000, but was clearly lost in life.

    2. The magical transformation of checking social protection

    This spectacular story took place in 1995 in Las Vegas. One person who is not fully successful receives a check at a social protection center equivalent to $ 400. On the night his wife drove him to the house, and the condition of his newly created homeless heart, like what we thought, was not the best. What should be done in Las Vegas, when our lives decline? Try to correct the situation at Treasure Island casino.

    When this man is accepted at a gambling location, the history is silent. It is only known that because of the “fragrance” it emits, there is no one who wants to sit beside it, fortunately, the card has no sense of smell. At the table with blackjack because the strategy is unusual or the luck is simple, the successful player changes the social protection check to 1 million dollars.

    It seems that the person caught tuah with his tail and the whole problem was immediately resolved. However, like many other casino visitors, players cannot stop. As a result, the person lost not only one million won, but also 400 dollars, with which he traveled the threshold of Treasure Island.

    3. Johnny Moss in an unusual role

    When familiar poker player Johnny Moss sits in the bar and hears among visitors telling people it’s not small that he has never lost a fight. Johnny acts as a real player, he starts accepting bets on what can deal with brags. Opportunities to win legendary poker players more than 15 to 1. However, the stakes are made, and Johnny attacks the opponent.

    The advantage is clearly not on Moss’s side. Famous poker players are outperformed and, instead of a 15-fold increase in rates, receiving a number of broken bones and free trips to the location stay sick.

    4. Ashley Revell entered all

    In 2004, a young man from England had the name Ashley Revell concluded to throw his property. He markets cars, TVs, bicycles, stereo systems, unique all the money from his bank savings and destroys the poker bankroll. As a result of this simple movement, he became the owner of 135,300 dollars.

    What should be done in large numbers when you are young and desperate? Of course, play in the casino. Ashley did it, putting all the money into one round of roulette. With a sinking heart, desperate players, friends, visitors and even the casino administration watching the ball spinning.

    Strangely, the brave level of British victory significantly multiplied his wealth.

    5. The greatest level of innovation

    Today, at betting companies, you can bet not only on sports, but also literally on any event, even the most extraordinary. From the election of a new president, to flight to Mars. These innovative rates are most popular among enthusiasts, however, professional bosses prefer to stay away from them, because it is not possible to get rich at the original level.

    However, perhaps in 1989 an unknown Welshman bet 30 pounds on the local betting office on a number of events which he believed would occur before the start of the new millennium. Here are a number of them:

    • “Neighbors” series will be broadcast on British TV – 5 to 1;
    • “Eastenders” series will continue to be broadcast on BBC – 5 to 1
    • U2 will continue to appear in teams – 3 to 1;
    • Singer Cliff Richards will be awarded the title – 4 versus 1;

    The total opportunity for all events is 6479 to 1, and victory seems unrealistic. However, a number of days before the start of 2000, lucky players from Wales went to the betting office to collect honestly winning £ 194,400. This is the largest payment for innovative rates in the history of betting. I recommend https://yukbola.net to get a separate experience about gambling