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10 gambling and losing in Online Poker levels of victory

Macau is a true casino. At more than 30 square kilometers of projectiles, there are more than a dozen large casinos. In the parking lot outside the terminal, customs and airport, the free bus operated by various casinos are waiting to send guests to the casino.

Many tourists who come to Macau will spend some time visiting some of the iconic attractions in Macau, “Russell Bar” and “A-Ma Temple.” The rest of the time will go into the casino. In previous years, Macau opened gambling operations, except Lisboa, Wynn and casino tycoon local casino Stanley Ho other initial investment from US investment tycoon also opened a number of casinos in Macau, Venice Casino is one of them.

The Venetian Casino is not just a hall full of imaginary desks, but a well designed resort hotel with restaurants, theaters, hotels and designer shops. The interior decor is also very luxurious, magnificent and the ceiling. Full of Western-style chandeliers. Many people enjoy the “natural scenery” in the hotel. On the top floor of this hotel building you can see blue skies and white clouds, a small bridge attic, a flowing river, an Italian seafaring boat sailing over the water, a Venetian city. Served in front of you, it is hard to believe that this is only one layer in the hotel building. A realistic “skyline” and “indoor river” work in the hands of skilled craftsmen. However, a gambler with no money losing on a gambling table may not have the mood to appreciate the scenery here.

To gamble in the casino, you need to use a small plastic round card with the amount of money, which is the chip. Players must first convert banknotes into chips at checkout, Different casinos have different situations, The minimum face chip value ranges from tens of dollars to 200 yuan, and the maximum face value can reach 2 million yuan is astounding.

In the Venetian hotel, the casino area is spread out on different floors, and the casino area has many entrances, giving people a sense of freedom in and out. Entering the casino area, you can see dozens of table games. Different game tables have different game content. Each table stands in front of one or two uniforms. The casino staff wearing black vests are called “dealers.” “.” At each table, there are some handheld chips, and the players who see the table are concentrated.Of course, there is not a small amount of soy sauce around the table.

Before you go inside a Casino to play Poker or Baccarat or Whatever game you feel you mastered it, don’t forget to always think of these 10 rules by jaypoker the most trusted poker online services in Indonesia:

  1. Keep sober of alcohol, don’t drink and waste your money.
  2. Don’t bring your children or babies, it will distract you.
  3. Don’t play to impress someone, because it will blur your judgement call.
  4. Bring money that you don’t need it, means its not your important money. If you lose, you can still live as usual.
  5. Don’t play by your feeling, play by logic, statistic and analytic.
  6. Play in the table that have at least 3 players before you join, because it will strengthen your analytic because more card will be spread.
  7. Focus in one games in one night, don’t scattered your money in several games, it won’t make you focus.
  8. Wear your best suit to increase your confident level, if you win you can pick girls anytime after it 🙂
  9. Look in minimum of 3 rounds before you join the table, look at the other players, how the pattern, don’t play with professional player if you are a beginner.
  10. Last but not least, don’t play by emotion, know how to back down and stop. You are not a gambler but an Analytics.

We hope you a good luck and good fortune. Keep Winning Guys.

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